Personalized Training Programs

One thing we don’t offer is cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all workouts. Everything we do is personalized to you. This individualized training allows us to provide the most effective workout for each and every member. Our expert coaching focuses on designing your workouts to focus on consistent, steady progress to help you reach your goals. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

What Matters To You, Matters To Us

The definition of fitness can vary from person to person. That’s why we focus on what matters to you, providing guidance every step of the way. Your personal fitness coach tailors your workout plan to meet your needs and help unlock your personal potential.

YOU + Goals + Coach = Results

The hardest part of your workout will be walking through the door…. once you’re here, forget about your day, your to-do list, your worries…. It’s time to just focus on YOU. No matter your goals, with us you will achieve results with the right tools, coaching, and individual attention you deserve.

Feel Fit. Feel Confident. Feel Empowered.

A thoughtful fitness program that’s effective but also keeps you coming back, wanting to push yourself more and more. Our expertise creates the plan, the mission creates the relationship and you achieve results. Not only is your Orenda fitness coach your motivator, cheerleader and accountability check – but most of all we become your biggest ally in life…and you become part of our family.

Getting a good workout is more than just how much you sweat, it’s about how you feel. Feel strong. Feel empowered. Feel fit. Feel confident. Feel at peace.

Strength | Agility | Speed | Core | Flexibility | Endurance | Heart Rate Training

Vision To Fruition Huddle

Working with Orenda members and providing the best coaching to unlock their full potential and transform their lives is our overarching mission. In order to accomplish this, the coaching team gathers for a “Vision to Fruition Huddle” each week. Prior to opening the doors at Orenda Force, founder Kolton Morrison coined the “VTF Huddle” which combines fitness innovation with expert execution. VTF Huddles are the cornerstone of every member’s Orenda experience.