Fitness is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

Fitness is not a luxury, it is a necessity. With anything else in life that is essential to be fully functioning, healthy human being, like brushing your teeth daily, the same goes for what you do to improve and maintain your fitness. Do you shower daily to stay clean? Yes. Do you workout (exercise) to stay fit? Yes. What does being unfit do for you? Nothing. Actually, it is harmful to your health.  What does being fit do for you? Everything. And that everything starts with you. How well do you create and maintain positive relationships with your significant other, friends, family, and coworkers depends on how healthy you are as an individual. How well you perform in your career, whether you are a student or a high performing professional, depends on your state of wellness.

Being fit and looking fit is not the same. Some can be fit and look fit, and some may look fit, but certainly not be fit or healthy. If you are not able to go about your daily life with ease, meaning managing stress well, moving without any sort of pain or discomfort, making nutrition choices that nourish your body rather than poison it, then you are not fit. Being able to do those things on a daily basis, minute by minute is not only a “necessity” to survive, but to thrive.

It all starts with you and “you” starts with your mind. Your mind makes thousands of choices every day, both consciously and subconsciously. Within each of those choices, rationalizations are made to comfort ourselves. It is these rationalizations that make us our own worst enemy. They prevent/sabotage us, one by one, from becoming who we truly can be. You will know when you are rationalizing because you will have a sense of guilt for some reason without even acting upon the decision you were rationalizing. Most times we do not consciously recognize we are rationalizing.  Look for those feelings of guilt, step back to witness the game of tug of war that is going on in your mind and act accordingly to what is in favor of health and wellness. The better you get at choosing the right course of action the more fit you will become. The more good choices that you make will add up over time, the more you will thrive as a human.

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