Transform Your Food Paradigm

Many people believe that being healthy means following a strict diet or being at your ideal weight. Once you attain that weight, you’ll be happy, healthy, loved, accepted and successful, right? Well, the truth is being healthy is not that black and white. What you need to be healthy is always changing. You are human and as a human being, you are constantly changing. Therefore, your nutrition needs change and evolve.

From aging and hormone fluctuations to possible injuries and illness, you will face roadblocks on your journey to optimal health.  From day-to-day, month-to-month and year-to-year, your diet needs will vary.

Also having a rigid and restrictive view of eating can result in unnecessary unhappiness. What happens next is an endless cycle of dieting, binging, emotional eating, social eating, and fasting – ultimately establishing an unhealthy relationship with food. True health and healthy eating should make you happy, feel better and empower you.

No Fads, No Pills, No Shots

Understanding nutrition that supports overall wellness can be confusing. Not only are you bombarded with messages of weight loss advice, trends and fad diets on TV and the Internet, but you probably also have friends and family who share their advice and “little secrets.”  For example, I bet there’s a strong chance you’ve had a friend tell you she lost 30 pounds only to find out she was getting shots from a “doctor” and only eating 300 calories a day? How can sustain 300 calories a day?! While she may look great now, she will gain it all back and then some. Guaranteed.

Our goal is to break through all that noise, eliminate trial and error, and share with you what really works – the true science behind nutrition. When we sit down with you one-on-one, we’ll learn your goals, why you want to accomplish them, and develop a nutrition plan to fit your life, your goals, and your body.

Your Relationship With Food

We also work to uncover outlying factors that may negatively affect your ability to achieve your goals. These factors include health history, current health, genetic indicators, eating habits, as well as understanding your real relationship with food. What role does food play in your life and how do you view food? It’s time to transform your relationship with food.

Our nutritional coaching works with you to transform your food paradigm focusing on energizing nutrition to fuel a full life – a healthy body, mind, and spirit!

Personalized Nutrition Planning

Your personalized nutritional plan is developed using the information collected during our one-on-one session. What foods do you enjoy or dislike? How does food fit into your day? How active are you? How much do you sit at work or commuting? Do you have food allergies or intolerances? Do you skip meals and why?

After the first nutrition assessment, we are available anytime for all of your nutrition-related questions. You’ll never be left wondering. If you have a question, just text or call your coach. Simple as that. We’re here to guide you.

Accountability = Results

Regular check-ins also provide simple accountability that helps you be consistent, so you can once and for all reach your goals. We believe food can either be your best ally, or your slowest enemy.

Be your best by fueling your body the right way!