Our Story

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To tell our full story we must first ask the question: WHY?

We want to build a community whose central focus is sustainable, universal health.

We begin with the premise that Earth is inhabited by amazing and beautiful beings of all kinds and that the disturbance of the Earth’s balance is often found deeply rooted within ourselves. We believe in the reciprocal arrangement we see in nature — that what we put in we get out — so in order for the positive aspects of our world to outnumber the negative, we bear the responsibility of keeping our positive forces strong. To build and maintain a strong and healthy world, local community, and family you must start with yourself, both body and mind.

At Orenda Force we understand this is a difficult task and that our modern society is not conducive to sustainable health, hence the turmoil we find around and within us. Orenda Force is here for you. We are in your corner as your trainer coaching you through physical fitness and nutritional education.

Our goal is to empower you, so that you can empower others.

Our Story

Orenda Force was first conceived by the founder, Kolton Morrison, when he was sixteen. While playing baseball at IMG Academy in Florida he trained with the International Performance Institute. There he worked with some of the leading strength and performance coaches in the nation and had first-hand experience of how dramatically the human body can improve through sound physical training. From that experience he knew, that one day he would open a facility to provide exemplary service and coaching to not only competitive athletes, but more importantly as many people as possible of all walks of life. With his obsession of overall health and wellness and what worked best in accomplishing it, he spent the next decade gaining as much education and experience as possible to bring his vision to fruition.

Kolton saw an opening in the personal training industry to give ultra-focused training to clients and change the structure of trainers and coaches as well. He wanted to change the game. He wanted to build a business format that was affordable for members to take advantage of coaching services on a long term and consistent basis so that goals could actually be achieved in a healthy manner and sustained for the duration of one’s lifetime.

Today, Orenda Force continues to challenge the norms while also challenging its community to become healthier and happier each and every day.