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Working with our members, both on-site and remotely, to provide the best coaching possible is the Orenda way. Each week our coaching team gathers for a “Vision to Fruition” huddle. Years before starting Orenda Force, Kolton coined the VTF huddles so that intent was not only on innovation but more importantly execution. In the meetings, we focus on programming each member and their progress towards realizing individual goals. Today and always, VTF huddles are an important building block for our members’ success.


Nutrition. Understanding optimal nutrition in support of your optimal wellness can be one of the hardest things to figure out. We eliminate the guesswork. We sit down one-on-one and discuss your goals, why you want to accomplish them, and create a nutrition plan that works best for meeting those goals. We discuss your health history, current health state, eating habits, and really try to understand your relationship with food. What role does food play in your life and how do you use it? Our nutritional coaching is all about modifying your relationship with food to a place where your health becomes sustainable for life while accommodating the lifestyle you want for yourself.  Your nutritional plan is completely individualized using the information we collect during our one-on-one session. What foods do you enjoy or dislike? How does food fit into your daily schedule, activity levels, etc.? After the first nutrition assessment, we are available 24/7 for all nutrition-related questions. You will never be left wondering. If you have a question, just text or call your coach. Simple as that. We also have regular check-ins and provide simple accountability that helps you be consistent so you can once and for all reach your goals. We believe food can either be your fastest medicine, or your slowest poison. Make yourself the best you possible by fueling yourself with proper nutrition.

Fitness Training

Fitness Training. Individualized training, period.  No 30-minute ab busters, boot camps, or large group classes that have saturated today’s fitness industry. We support anything that gets you up and moving, as an activity, in general, has its benefits regardless, but our focus is on YOU as an individual. When you look in the mirror, there is no other YOU. You have your own body type, own health history, restrictions, abilities, goals, and reasons why you want to accomplish your goals. This is why we do not provide “blanket” workouts where it’s a one size fits all instruction. Individualized training allows Orenda Force and its coaches to provide the best results for each and every member. Our coaching focuses on programming your workouts in order to consistently progress towards your goals and making you the best version of yourself through strength, agility, speed, core, flexibility, and endurance training.

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By offering a health and wellness consultation we get to know you and you get to know us. We are a TEAM pushing towards your goals!