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Founder & Fitness Coach

From age sixteen Kolton had a calling to own and operate a business with a team that promoted a positive impact in people’s lives. His dream was to improve overall health and wellness while creating a like minded community that would surround his customers with encouragement and support. While completing a degree in business and certifications in personal training, athletic performance, fitness coaching, nutrition therapy and coaching he advanced his professional education by being a consumer of the fitness industry as well. He knew that the only way to provide the best possible experience for his future clients he would need to understand the industry intimately and work with as many trainers as he could in order to create his own programs. He really wanted to master as many different facets of the health and wellness industry as possible and learn first-hand what truly shaped, changed, and improved individuals and how that change could be sustained for life. Kolton is a truth and adventure seeker, an outdoor enthusiast and conservationist, a health science nerd and lover of sports. If for any reason you cannot find him at Orenda Force, you will be able to find him either on the baseball diamond, or on the trails with his wife Nicole and two dogs hiking, running, mountain biking, or backpacking.


Fitness Coach

Gavino began his journey into the fitness and nutrition industry as an overweight teenager wanting to lose weight and better himself. This became a late but exciting start into the field. Starting off as a baseball player at Taft College, he found his passion when he spent most of his time working out and researching the art and science of exercise. He was hooked. His passion about health and wellness continued to grow and he knew he wanted to help as many people as he could and make coaching his long term career. As a coach, he likes to approach each individual as a challenge and a journey. Each person provides new experiences and requires plenty of thought and care. Consistency, progress, and balance are his core beliefs when working with clients. He spends much of his time researching and creating new ways of challenging and helping his clients improve their skills. He has a degree in Exercise Science and is currently finishing his degree in Health Sciences at Arizona State University. His hobbies include weightlifting, playing chess, snowboarding, and traveling.